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Hello Livejournal

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Well, it looks like a lot has changed since my last update... how long ago was that anyway? Things have certainly changed for the better. I'm living and working as a full time clown and tattoo artist. I've been doing tattoos now for over a year and I've been a clown... well... for three years? But I'm finally performing on real stages and being recognized for my talents. That feels great. Also, I've found my way into a really amazing relationship with a man whom supports me in all of my goals. Horray for me! So, now I've got a boy, and a dog (Goblin) and I had a pretty little piglet until about a month ago. Her name was Princess Pickles and she was a 6 month old mini-potbelly piglet. Sadly and unfortunately she ate a toxic mushroom that very quickly ended her short life. I've never mourned so much for anything so small. But, our plans are to buy a school bus after this season and I'm gonna get me two more little piglets. Oh! I almost forgot to mention, I've been living in New Orleans, though I've been on the road for a while now. I'd like to say it's my new home, since it's one of the only places I miss when I'm away, but it's only been less than a year. It's a really good place for me and I can't wait to go back. We've been on the road all summer. We did a tour through the midwest, and now we're on the west coast making money and visiting family for the holidays. Winter's creeping up so quickly... Oh how does the time pass.

ANYWAY! I just wanted to pop in, and perhaps there are some folks out there who still read this thing. If so, please drop a comment! I'm kind of curious who keeps up with this stuff anymore. Perhaps I'll post more again this year, who knows?

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