ca·coph·o·ny (mouthfulofshit) wrote,

Wow Livejournal, you still exist?

I always read back a few entries, get embarrassed and want to delete them. But I don't. It's been YEARS since I updated and things are going pretty well now for the most part. I have a pig and I still have that boy and that dog. I'm living in Montana for the time being (fuck it's dull here) but it's good. We're making a live for ourselves, trying out being "responsible" for once and all the while hoping the world doesn't end. It's weird. I've come leaps and bounds since my last entry with my art career and all that. I'm a professional performer and tattoo artist- perhaps one day I will combine the two. However, now after a few years of off and on living in New Orleans, everywhere else seems dull. The last year has been a hiatus of sorts, trying to figure out what direction to go... It's weird and hard but it feels like things have been coming together. Ahh life...

Anyway maybe I'll write in here a bit more. Maybe not. It would be neat to bring this old journal back to life! However I am heading to work in a bit and I doubt this thing will get any attention for a while. We shall see.

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